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Come, fly with us!

Aero Monde is a flight school which conducts training for a professional pilot license – PPL (A) according to the program approved by the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia. The license meets ICAO standards in accordance with Part-FCL and entitles you to fly all over the world.

We can arrange PPL(A) training course for international students in English. It is also possible to arrange accommodation for our students in nearby budget hotels.

If you already holder of PPL(A) license, than you can build up your airborne experience with us. It is possible to rent an airplane with or without FI(A) or safety pilot.

Many have thought or dreamed of becoming a pilot. The endless sky has always attracted and fascinated people making them wonder what it is like up there. Being able to confidently navigate the skies and to have the clouds within your reach, to travel at your will without any restrictions and barriers makes the job of a pilot truly magical and forever intriguing.


The Founders of AERO MONDE flight academy, as kids dreamed about becoming pilots as well, and their desire to share their passion and knowledge and enable others to become pilots led them to the creation of this academy, even though, some of them didn’t experience the best part of the job.


AERO MONDE flight school is situated at Smederevska Palanka, a place where in 1938 the first commercial pilot flight school was founded. It seized operation in 1941 during the occupation of the kingdom of Yugoslavia by the Nazi Germany. Curiously enough it was the first place to train female pilots, a Serb a Croat and a Slovene who bore the nickname the “three graces”


AERO MONDE’s training program lasts about 18 months. All potential candidates are required to present a medical certificate which proves their health and fitness levels required by the flight training program. Once medical conditions are met, the candidates are required to complete a selection process


that includes math, physics, psychometric and English proficiency exams. Following a successful completion of these exams the candidates will be invited to the last phase of the selection which includes an interview with the academy’s interview panel. It must be emphasized that the main goal of this academy is quality of training and not quantity of trainees. Therefore, the maximum number of candidates is limited to 10 per class.


The theoretical part of training is composed of 14 subjects which include principal of flight, navigation, meteorology as well as mindfulness training, a crucial skill that is sought after worldwide and for now in Serbia only available in Aero Monde. The practical aspect of training will be taught by well-trained instructors with experience in commercial aviation in international and long-haul operations. Flight training will be done on 3 types of aircraft; c150 c172 and piper Navajo with the total expected flight time of 245 hours per student. Candidates who wish to complete glider training may enroll into the glider program as well.


After the completion of the 18-month program, candidates will receive commercial pilot licenses, a referral to foreign commercial airlines and a detailed preparation on how to pass an airline pilot job interview. Another additional course that AERO MONDE offers in cooperation with „COCKPIT PRO“ is a Type rating for a specific aircraft, such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus 320, types which are most utilized in national and foreign airlines at home and abroad. After completing the type rating course candidates will be able to join an airline and begin their commercial pilot career.


So, If you are ready to make your dreams come true to become a true professional and make a good living, travel around the world then AERO MONDE is truly the right choice for you.

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